Do I have to book?

NO - we don't take bookings in advance for pitches or tables. You cannot reserve your favourite spot either - you will be allocated your space by the volunteer wardens on site. We typically use all 3 playgrounds and try to be as fair as possible to everyone.


What time should I come?

Please, please, please arrive no earlier than 7.45am and queue up towards the main gates - from the direction of Plum Duff. We ask this for two reasons - firstly too many cars queueing early can block the road which makes it difficult for other drivers and buses etc. Secondly, and very importantly, the school is set in a residential area. We are mindful that Sunday mornings should be as quiet as possible. Please respect that. Anyone being anti-social or aggressive may be refused entry.


Can I rent chairs, clothes rails or a tarpaulin?

We rent tables. £3 for a large and £2 for a small table. Some of the playground tables have seating attached to them. We have a couple of clothes rails to rent but you must reserve these in advance by email, print off your email acknowledgement or show it on your smartphone and on the day you can pay the £2 rental charge.


Can I bring a gazebo?

The playground is all concrete and we can't damage the surface. If you wish to bring a gazebo you will have to bring the appropriate weights too and ensure that you are not damaging the playground surface.


How does it work on the day?

This event is a fundraising event for the school and those working on the site are volunteers (mainly parents). For speed, we now ask that those wishing to rent tables pay at the gate. They will receive a laminated card which they can then take to the table shed with the black doors located along the back wall. At the end of the sale please return your table (if you are physically able). Please clear up and take your rubbish with you - including the things you haven't sold. It's a primary school and it's very frustrating for our volunteers to find broken glass and dangerous or large items.


The school also operates a no smoking policy which we ask all sellers and buyers to please observe, even though this is an outside event. You are welcome to smoke just outside the gates with consideration for others.


How busy is it?

Since we don't take bookings, it's impossible to predict. However, we have grown in popularity in the last year or so and in recent months had over 55 stalls approximately 300 or so buyers. This rises in the warmer months.


If I have two carloads, does that count as one car?

We tend to use discretion but, understandably you may be asked to make an extra contribution if you are coming with a second load. The fees are roughly based on how much you are able to sell and how much room you take up. A car and a lot more stuff coming 'on foot' with a helper is the equivalent of a van and you should expect to be charged £10 which is the equivalent of a van. We try to be fair to everyone but we do expect our volunteers to be treated with respect if they make a decision.


What facilities are there on-site?

We have toilets available to use and also one of the organisers sells teas/coffees and drinks along with amazing samosas and other snacks.


What happens if it rains?

We are an outdoor sale. There is no indoor alternative. We generally go ahead regardless of the weather - unless it's absolutely awful. Please bring a suitable covering/tarpaulin. However, we are unable to refund fees if you decide to pack up early. If the forecast is very bad we may decide to cancel so please check this website in the morning - we will update it.


If I want to sell food what do I need to show you?

If you are planning on selling food, we ask that you bring the relevant Food hygiene certificates with you. You ought to also have public liability insurance. You may wish to email us to check out if there will be a competitor stand (i.e. cupcakes/bread etc). Please email with Car Boot in the title.


What do you mean by 'Van'?

It's a residential area and a family car boot sale. There are often children on site. We need to have a restriction on the size of vehicles. When we say 'vans' we mean smaller than a standard (short wheelbase) Ford transit - or the equivalent . Something like an old camper is fine. We charge £10 for vans.


Can we bring dogs?

Dogs must not be allowed to roam around on-site and therefore we ask that sellers keep their dogs in their cars and buyers leave their dogs tethered at the gates. This is a Health and Safety guideline.


What time does everyone pack up? People start to pack up at 12.30pm when all trading should cease. Buyers are welcome to arrive anytime until then.