Tips for selling at a car boot sale

These are tips from a car boot forum amalgamated to make them more comprehensive.


Please remember we aren't one of the massive car boot sales.


On the plus side, you don't have to get up at an ungodly hour and our entry fees are low, but this does mean that you will get a couple of hundred rather than a thousand buyers browsing - so sell something at a price that feels right and enjoy the morning.

The Southfield Primary School Car Boot Sale‎ recommends:


1. Some say put price stickers on your goods before the day of sale - or alternatively, at least have a good idea of what you want to get for them.


2. Pack items in smaller cardboard boxes - they are easier to move in and out of the car.


3. Take a table for your goods, such as a wallpaper pasting table or you can rent one with us (for £3) so you can fit more stuff in your car!


4. Arrive when the organisers suggest - please don't get there at 5am (it's not one of those sales) but it's best if you get there before 8.30am so we can safely get all the vehicles in.


5. On arrival, if you are in a car - follow your warden (in a high vis jacket) and park where instructed, lock your car while you get a table and then set about unloading one box at a time - sometimes keen buyers can confuse sellers (especially first-timers) so stay in control.


6. Make your table look presentable by using a table cloth and setting out your items in clusters or themes. If you are selling clothes you might want to bring a mirror and a rail. We have a couple of rails to rent at £3 but they must be booked in advance.


7. Dealers come early to make offers. Don't take them unless you are happy with the price; better to tell them to try again later as you've only just started selling.


8. Take lots of change and a container with a lid for money taken. Once you have a few notes, lock these in your car.


9. Take a chair, wet wipes, carrier bags for buyers, sandwiches and a drink. We have a refreshments stall that sells hot drinks, snacks and great samosas but a flask of hot coffee is a great idea on a chilly morning.


10. Best of all, share the stall with a friend as this halves the cost and ensures you get a toilet break!


There is also a more in-depth guide on the website.